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Vision of the Canadian Francophonie

At their annual meeting in 2019, in Iqaluit (Nunavut), the ministers deemed it important, after 25 years of existence, to specify that the work of the Ministers’ Council on the Canadian Francophonie (MCCF) would henceforth be guided by an inclusive vision of the Canadian Francophonie. They then adopted the following common vision:

The Canadian Francophonie is an open, dynamic, and diverse entity. It:

is made up of a group of people who share French and the Francophone cultures, by choice, custom, or inheritance;

is rooted in the origins and identity of Canada;

is composed of institutions, associations and groups whose mission is to provide day-to-day support and help promote the French language;

is part of the social, economic and cultural fabric of Canada;

is inclusive, and anyone can be part of it, even if French is not the person’s first language;

contributes fully to the growth and enrichment of Canadian society, and;

embraces all of Canada.