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Principles of Government Leadership
with Respect to the Canadian Francophonie

Firmly believing that Francophones and Acadians should individually and collectively be able to live and develop in French throughout Canada, the provincial and territorial members of the Ministers’ Council on Francophone Affairs hereby acknowledge:The importance of government commitment and leadership in the sphere of francophone affairs.

  • The importance of promoting greater use and visibility of the French language throughout Canada.
  • The value of the French-speaking communities’ contribution to the social fabric of Canada.
  • The essential role played by dialogue and cooperation between each government and its francophone or Acadian community in the development of that community.
  • The need for flexibility and practical alternatives in the planning and delivery of French-language services, given the different realities of their provinces and territories.
  • The necessity to encourage intergovernmental cooperation in order to facilitate progress in francophone affairs.
  • The importance of assuming an individual and collective catalytic role with respect to the evolution of francophone affairs.
  • The importance of their efforts and support for ensuring the active offer of quality services in French and the development of Canada’s francophone and Acadian communities.

Quebec declares that it will continue to support, together with the provincial and territorial governments of Canada, the development and enhancement of Canada’s francophone and Acadian communities. It therefore joins in this declaration of principles.