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Edmonton (Alta.) – 2001

In Edmonton, the ministers responsible for francophone affairs committed themselves to increasing intergovernmental cooperation to support Francophone and Acadian communities.

During the first part of the September conference, the provincial and territorial ministers identified areas of common interest that could lead to cooperation agreements. They agreed that interprovincial/territorial cooperation in areas such as education, training, health services, culture and economic development could have a significant impact on the Francophone and Acadian communities.

During the federal, provincial and territorial discussions, the ministers focused on French-language health services and economic development. They agreed to encourage their colleagues to facilitate progress in these areas in ways reflecting their respective realities and infrastructure. The ministers also reaffirmed their governments’ commitment to enhance the profile of the French fact, and to pursue the dialogue established with their Francophone and Acadian communities to ensure their development and to contribute to their vitality.

The participants in the MCFA acknowledged the importance of intergovernmental cooperation for making progress on francophone issues and their individual and collective role as catalysts for such cooperation.

It was in that spirit that a plan was developed for the coordination of intergovernmental francophone affairs and, shortly after the Edmonton MCFA, a National Coordinator was hired.

Edmonton (Alta.) – 2001