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Conference ministrielle sur la francophonie canadienne / Ministrel Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
The 23rd Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
will be held on July 5 and 6, 2018 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory


To achieve their objectives, the members of the Conference count on the support of the Intergovernmental Network on the Canadian Francophonie (the Network). Unless indicated otherwise, the operations of the Network are identical to those of the Conference.

This support takes various forms: the organization of the annual ministers’ meeting and the subsequent follow-up; the implementation of decisions made by the ministers; the advancement of various issues and the achievement of objectives; the provision of strategic advice for ministers; communications with other government and community organizations; and the development of strategic and operational plans. The members of the Network also meet to discuss issues in which they share an interest, and to exchange information about practices relating to services in French and support for the Canadian francophonie.

All Network activities are carried out on behalf of the Conference and must have ministerial approval, granted via the public servants who represent the ministers. Each member of the Network is therefore responsible for informing the appropriate officials of the Network’s activities, obtaining their feedback, as required, and their approval, and faithfully representing the interests and viewpoints of his or her minister at Network meetings. 

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Canadian Francophonie Issues, Challenges and Future Directions

MCCF Newsletter - June 2017 issue

News Releases
2018 - 2nd Forum on Francophone Immigration (Toronto, ON)
Ministers responsible for Immigration and the Canadian Francophonie announce joint Action Plan for Increasing Francophone Immigration.
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