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Conference ministrielle sur la francophonie canadienne / Ministrel Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
The 23rd Ministerial Conference on the Canadian Francophonie
will be held on July 5 and 6, 2018 in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

On June 14, 1991, the first meeting of provincial and territorial officials responsible for francophone issues was held in Ottawa. These officials, of course, had previous contact with each other but always on an individual basis.

The first meeting, and those that followed, resulted in some highly worthwhile exchanges. Initially, the participants shared information about situations involving the official languages, French-language services, and various ways of meeting the needs of the francophone and Acadian communities. Each was able to draw ideas to use in their work back at home.

The provincial and territorial official gradually adopted a common stand on the administrative aspects of the federal-provincial-territorial agreements on the promotion of official languages.  Other issues addressed during these meetings presented new areas of interest and opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation: translation services, the Internet, the need for bilingual professionals in the health field, etc.

The officials realized that various issues required consideration at the ministerial level. They felt that it would be easier to initiate and pursue concrete initiatives if the elected officials from the various governments were to come out in favour of certain objectives.

The Officials Responsible for Francophone Affairs (ORFA) thus sought an opportunity to hold a first meeting of ministers. New Brunswick offered to hold the minister' meeting in Moncton during the first World AcadianCongress, which resulted in the first Ministerial Conference on Francophone Affairs was held in August 1994.

Chronology of Membership

  • Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Yukon have been participating since the first meeting of senior officials in June 1991.
  • Canadian Heritage was invited to join the group in the fall of 1991 and has been participating ever since.
  • Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador have belonged to the group since November 1996.
  • Québec has participated in several ORFA meetings since May 1992 and has been a full-fledged member since 2003.
  • British Columbia and Nunavut have been part of the ORFA network since 2000.


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